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Following the recent announcement's made by the government they have released guidelines for us to work with. 

With this in mind we regret to inform you that NORC are not going to run the planned Pickering event on the 4th & 5th of April 2021. 

We are currently working in the background to confirm a new calendar update with the intension of an event being held late April when more restrictions are eased. Until we have a yes/no from land owners we can't do much else, so we are canceling the opening event and hopefully we will have a new event on the calendar for late April.  

Please bear with us in these changing times and check back soon for an update. 

Anthony Jackson 


  Hi all, 

Firstly i hope you are all well and keeping safe, and the winter rebuilds are nearing completion.

I just thought I'd give a quick update  on the committees/clubs plans for this year.

I would like to start by letting you all know of a few new team members. Anthony Jackson has agreed to be vice chairman . This is great news for the club as he brings years of racing experience and enthusiasm going forward.

I would also like to welcome Rita Tamolina as our new club secretary. She is going to be a valuable and very capable team member.

Pete  ( Land Investigator) now has 2 new apprentices. Dan Lang and Luke Sagar will be assisting Pete this year , with the plan being that they will take over site booking etc for 2022.

CALENDAR 2021.....

April, 2nd to 5th.         Pickering, North Yorkshire, 🚫 Cancelled 🚫

May, 15th & 16th         Tong, Bradford, (2 Day Event) 

June, 12th & 13th        Slate Mountain, Wales, Run by BXCC, (1 Day Event for NORC Championship)

July, Date TBC                Event Coming, See back soon, (1 day event)

August, 7th & 8th        Broadbottom, (1 day event)

August, 30th                  Elwy valley  with NWLRC (1 day event)

September,                     Event Coming, See back soon. (2 day event)

October,  Date tbc       Newstead Abbey, (2 day comp with night runs)

A tremendous amount of work has gone into producing this years calendar as and as you will appreciate it is subject to covid restrictions. We have applied for and been issued the permit for the first event. So fingers crossed. We do have options to cancel the scheduled April date and rebook for late May if required.

Further details of all events will be available nearer the time.

We will of course do everything we can to make the planned events happen and  on the dates shown above , but both are subject to change /cancellation as the regulations regarding covid change.

Hope to see you all in April .

If you have any questions , please don't hesitate to contact a member of the committee who I'm sure will be pleased to help.

Andrew West

Welcome to the "NEW" NORC website.

There are some slight differences between the old and the new websites.

The old website allowed you to create both a website membership, as well as allowing you to create a subscription for the NORC membership.

The new site does not work in this way and only requires you to register for a NORC membership.

There are three levels of membership available:

  • STANDARD: This is a NORC membership for one calendar year and is required for all competing drivers and navigators.
  • STANDARD AUTO: This is the same as the above, but will automatically renew at the end of 12 months.
  • CHAMPIONSHIP: This is an additional upgrade to the standard membership, required for drivers wishing to register for the championship season. The memberships run from the first day of March until the end of February the following year. ***You need to have a standard membership in order to apply for championship membership***

If you are wanting to enter this year's championship, log in, select your profile, and then select the change membership link.

If you do not have full NORC paid membership you need to click the JOIN US link to register.

If you are having difficulty logging in to the website members area and you currently have a full NORC membership, then click here:

Change Password  

(If the website says email not found and you do have a valid NORC membership, then please contact the Club Membership Secretary to validate you membership for you.

The OLD website is currently still available using the following link. if you want to check old content, however this will all be migrated over to here in the near future.


The Northern Off Road Club (NORC) is a club dedicated to cross country off road racing, known as comp safari. Meeting monthly from March through to October each year, always welcoming new faces, either competitors, marshals, or spectators, who are looking to share our passion for this high Adrenalin Motorsport.

Comp safari events are based on a pre-set number of timed runs between 6 and 16, with events been run over 1 or 2 days, with onsite camping and catering, there is a great friendly / family atmosphere.

The terrain varies at each event, with sections of graded tracks, flowing meadows, and technical off road sections.

Each car is placed in a class based on Suspension Type, Drivetrain Type, Fuel Type, and Engine Size. This is to ensure you are competing against similar vehicles, so everybody has a chance of winning a trophy.

We compete across the UK with most events arranged across the central band of England. On occasions we also hold events with other clubs in other areas of the country.

Check our Events Link to see where we will be racing this year.

Most important of all, if you have any questions about our club or events please contact us, or come along to our next event.


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