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Please find the current list of documents  in the links below:

Championship regulations NORC 2020 Regulations (includes Clerk and Secretary details)

UTV Class regulations NORC UTV class regulations V3

NORC 2021 Championship Regulations 

Please Click Here to view the  NORC , Championship Regulations for 2021

If you wish to view the MSUK Permit please click here NORC 2021 Championship Registration Cert

New Noise Rules for NORC

Some of our sites have become noise sensitive and therefore we ask for your cooperation with sticking to the current noisy regulations set out within the MSUK blue book. If your car is deemed to be excessively noisy for any reason there will be the following actions taken. 

1-Warning issued to address the issue  (Verbally by CoC)

2-Second time there will be a 60 seconds Penalty

3-You will be excluded from the event 

This rule will ensure we all have land to keep racing on and your cooperation on this matter is appreciated.  


Please refer to the blue book (2021 edition) regarding tyres that are allowed to be used at cross country events.  Section L - 56.7.4

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